For forligner (海外からご利用の皆様へ)

We can export some products (dried vegetable, green tea) to some country as you import your self.

The products you import is not allow selling in your country by the law. Only you can use your self.

Also You need to check below notice about self import. 


Please note when you import yourself

Please note when you import yourself



As a general rule, customs duties, consumption taxes, customs fees, etc. are not included in the product price. Customs duties may be levied depending on the purchase price of the product and the circumstances at the time of customs clearance. The final taxable amount will be fixed at the time of customs clearance, so in the unlikely event that customs duty is levied, please pay by cash on delivery when you receive the item. Generally, tax exemption is applied to the purchase price of a product of 16,600 yen or less, and the Japanese tax rate (8% or 10%) is levied on 60% of the product price if the purchase price is 16,600 yen or more and less than 200,000 yen. ※in Japan’s case For more information on tariffs, etc., please refer to the tariff information of each country.
・ Products purchased at our shop will be treated as “individual imports” and will be shipped directly from Japan to the customer. ・ All personally imported products are premised on the orderer’s own “personal use / personal consumption”, so it is prohibited by law to transfer or resell the ordered products to a third party. .. ・ Customs duty and consumption tax may be levied depending on the purchase price of the product, so we recommend purchasing the product for a total of 16,600 yen or less (including shipping).







The Items you can import

坂元園オーガニック玉露 粉末茶 80g 鹿児島県産



坂元園有機玉露 雁がね(茎茶)100g 鹿児島県産

有機JAS認定鹿児島県産玉露茎茶。 ぼか…


坂元園有機玉露 茶娘 100g 鹿児島県産



坂元園有機玉露 茶々姫 ささひめ 100g 鹿児島県産



坂元園有機玉露 茶名人 50g 鹿児島県産



坂元園オーガニック玉露 特選雁がね 100g 鹿児島県産



坂元園オーガニック玉露 若武者 50g 鹿児島県産